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====> 01 Township = karaoke demo <====


Township in the middle of the earth, on seven winds, under endless sky,
meet me and tell me some good words, say "welcome" but say not "goodbye"!
In this town I'll find peace and my heart will feel unearthly light.
This unique town, please, tell me about gist of life.

Here's your home and your magnet
and your feelings that have been the first.
It's only one on the planet,
let you see the whole world.

Here is unhurried flowing life after winter spring, after summer autumn.
People here are good and reliable in native and familiar quarters.
Here comes a new dawn and exciting new day begins.
In the sky I hear song and the echo of bells ringing.


====> 02 Cocktail = karaoke demo <====


Birds began the spring flight from distant warm resorts
to go back and find that they once have lost.
Birds are flying above me, carrying the spring joy.
In early morning mist I hear their mystic voices.

Cocktail of nostalgia and love spring brings me with syrup of maple.
Time comes of dreamy dandelions, but still far the time of apples.
And I again as in last time believe in the quiet coolness
and looking into pure eyes, me need nothing, nothing else.

Morning rays erase the curse of heavy dreams from night land,
secret of forgotten words of wisdom remind me again.
And long days I'll live, forgetting evil curse of darkness.
The sun is easy to believe in death of needless reminiscences.


====> 03 Little Queen = karaoke demo <====

Little Queen

When I see the light, I forget the night
because the world's game that's not forever.
I can not understand why you recall the past
it's just to be happy, be happy everywhere.

Little Queen has an old jeans, ball ended yesterday!
Little Queen does not sees that her time has came already.
Believe in your dream of young clear spring
oh, oh, oh, - oh, Little Queen!

Why all people lie all time from day to day,
why break their lives and are never happy?
When you understand, let it decide the fate,
but who can tell us when it'll finally happen?


====> 04 Silent Snow = karaoke demo <====

Silent Snow

Silent Snow tirelessly and for good and all
hides the past behind wall of daybreak and losses and mistakes.
Why we know about sense of silence of snowfalls,
which fill the whole world to distant stars, sincere as the last.

Silently snow falls and in the sky again whirls.
What it will bring before spring comes as long-legged schoolgirls.
Snowy winds blow my track and invite the new road.
I as could not turn back the heaven gave me Silent Snow.

Silent Snow inevitably and for good and all
raises me as the white stair, I don't know where.
Silence Sky is calling me in the high flight,
above the clouds to my distant stars, sincere as the last.


====> 05 Toronto Tonight = EDM demo<====


====> 06 Montreal Rain = single instrumental<====


====> 07 Light Switch = single <====

====> 07 Light Switch = karaoke demo <====

Light Switch

Long ago lived a little youngster who had a strange idea
that in dark rooms lived the monster Black Terrible Beard.
Mom, Dad were grinning at it, their cat lost its appetite.
But if you hide under a blanket, the monster's not dreadful in the night.

This is because the light switch was too high for the little boy.
What such the silly glitch, silly house, to the point!

The little boy has grown, grown up and begun to use the switch.
Gloom was won by electric bulbs, boy received the strong knowledge.
He has a wife, children, a cat, one night he hears laughter.
His cat is rolling on the mat, his son is hiding from the monster.


====> 08 Gold on the Blue = single <====

====> 08 Gold on the Blue = karaoke demo <====

Gold on the Blue

It's inevitable farewell with naive and clear blossom.
Don't fall into despair, gold on the blue is autumn.
On the holiday of silence don't remember trouble of summer,
don't remember trouble of summer.
It's the delicate science loss of unfit garment, the loss of unfit garment.

Autumn, cold rain listen, autumn, be detain!
I'm flying with tired birds which abandon worst.
It's the lots of quiet clouds when they find force.

It's inevitable farewell that takes away blue water.
Golden hopes die forever, gold on the blue is autumn.
In the spring the other hopes won't believe in end of summer,
won't believe in end of summer.
I'll forget till gray, gray snows loss of unfit garment, the loss of unfit garment.


====> 11 Vancouver Rocks = EDM start demo<====




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